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Blocks access to removable devices

to cover all possible intrusion paths

This component is not available in Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows. Today an anti-virus alone is not enough to protect a PC. All the Dr.Web for Windows protection components are available in Dr.Web Security Space.

Compare with Dr.Web Security Space
  • Restricts access to devices such as disk drives, DVD/CD-ROM drives, keyboards, mice, network adapters, audio and video cards, gaming devices, USB devices, and COM/LPT ports.
  • Blocks access to removable data storage devices (flash drives, USB devices), files, folders, or network drives—this is an additional measure that helps protect your data from deletion or unauthorized access.

Up to 70% of the infections in corporate LANs isolated from the Internet are caused by infected removable media — by people bringing in Trojans on their USB flash drives.

  • Whitelists of trusted devices prevent the unauthorised use of removable devices on protected computers, confidential data theft, and infections via removable media.
  • Manage the whitelists of blocked devices to more flexibly configure access to system objects.
  • Export/import of whitelists.
  • Disables printing jobs from being started to prevent confidential documents from being printed and to save on paper.

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