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Dr.Web for Unix mail servers and gateways Dr.Web for Unix mail servers and gateways

A highly intelligent anti-virus and anti-spam protection system for large volumes of email traffic.

  • Certified by FSTEC of Russia
  • Included in the Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases
  • Meets high security standards by deploying anti-virus protection for Personal Data Information Systems (PDIS) up to the class I level of security, for Geographic Information System (GIS) up to the class I level of security, for data processing systems containing state secrets, and for Critical Information Infrastructure organisations up to the highest category.

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New version Dr.Web 11.1 28.02.2019

For mail servers/file servers/ UNIX Internet gateways, and Linux workstations.

New in this version | Dr.Web 11.1 release news


Simple deployment

Does not require lengthy configuration before it can be used.

Low system requirements

Operates reliably on any mail server hardware.

Maximum license flexibility

Includes only the most essential protection components — there’s no need to pay for elements or even entire software solutions that will never be used.

Excellent scalability

Dr.Web for Unix mail servers can meet the demands of both companies using one mail server and companies that are multi-national telecom providers with an unlimited need to scan mail traffic.

  • Huge volumes of data can be processed in real time.
  • Multi-threaded scanning ensures a rapid system response. Messages are scanned in real time at the same time previously received files are being processed. This makes it possible to deliver emails to users almost instantly.
  • Dynamic load balancing optimises server performance, without any need for additional manual testing.
  • The configuration-testing and service-control interface enables operating rules to be changed on the fly, which significantly simplifies system maintenance and allows the system to be deployed faster.
  • The settings for the filtering services and the quarantine can be stored in a wide range of storage types—from ordinary files to databases like Oracle. LDAP-supported services are integrated with the directory service used to store settings, making it easier to administer the solution.

Flexible configuration

  • Unlike its competitors, Dr.Web uses rules rather than static configuration-file parameters. Rules are added into the daemon’s configuration file — this is one of the software’s most useful features. The rules make it possible to change the operational parameters of the mail daemon depending on the contents of the messages being processed. The user can configure rules for sender and recipient email addresses and for particular types of malicious objects found in messages.
  • Messages are filtered and modified according to established policies.
  • The administrator can configure individual processing rules for different users and groups, and even for each email message.
  • The configuration testing and service control interface allows changes to be made almost on the fly, which significantly simplifies system maintenance and allows the system to be deployed faster.
  • The settings for the filtering services and the quarantine can be stored in a wide range of storage types—from ordinary files to databases.
  • LDAP directory services are used to store settings. This ensures the solution is integrated into the structure of the corporate directories service and makes administering the solution significantly easier.

All of this allows Dr.Web to meet the information security requirements of any company.

Protection of confidential information

The product’s quarantine and message backup feature let users recover messages they accidentally deleted from their mailboxes as well as conduct investigations related to information leaks and analyse the ways in which a virus epidemic is spreading. This is possible because the quarantine can be managed via both the web interface and a special utility and because the option exists to archive all emails.

Guaranteed email delivery

Even if a user is unavailable for a long period of time and cannot receive messages, their messages will be stored in a special directory where they can be accessed at any time. This makes it easier to configure a mail server and lets users avoid having to purchase special products for these purposes.

List of features (PDF)

Effektive Filterung von unerwünschten E-Mails

Dr.Web Antispam ist als einheitliche Lösung (und nicht als Einzelprodukt) verfügbar und wird auf demselben Server mit dem Produkt für die Virenfilterung installiert. Dies erleichtert die Administration und sorgt im Vergleich zur Konkurrenz für niedrigere Gesamtkosten.

  • Keine Schulung erforderlich. Läuft effektiv sofort nach der Installation.
  • Sprachunabhängig.
  • Ermöglicht bestimmte Aktionen für verschiedene Spamkategorien.
  • Rekordverdächtig niedrige Anzahl von Fehldetektionen.
  • Updates nicht häufiger als einmal pro 24 Stunden.
  • Eigene Black- und Whitelist. Beugt der Verleumdung von Unternehmen durch das böswillige Eintragen in die Liste von unerwünschten Adressen vor.


Die Systemanforderungen finden Sie in der Dokumentation.

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Führender russischer Hersteller von Virenschutzsoftware

Entwickelt seit 1992

Dr.Web wird in mehr als 200 Ländern genutzt

Antivirus im SaaS-Modell seit 2007

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Doctor Web ist ein russischer Entwickler von IT-Sicherheitslösungen unter dem Markennamen Dr.Web. Dr.Web Produkte werden seit 1992 entwickelt.

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